From sewer heat-recovery to river-water cooling to thermal ice storage, the inspiring reality of working so closely with the Earth’s natural resources compels us to continuously improve our relationship with our environment by focusing on carbon reduction and sustainability. 

ESG: Climate Risk & Strategy
CenTrio’s promise to our team, our partners, our shareholders and our planet is to strive for climate resilience while balancing resource conservation, social systems, and economic vitality. Sustainability is embedded throughout our entire organization, and guided by our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program.

Decarbonizing CenTrio
Our comprehensive Sustainable Infrastructure Plan will be deployed throughout the next year across our entire portfolio in the U.S. The focus of this plan is to decarbonize all generation and distribution systems by 2050.

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions
Operating district energy systems with the latest technologies like thermal energy storage deployed at scale, CenTrio is uniquely positioned to continue integrating innovative sustainable solutions.

Providing Financial Leadership
CenTrio understands that being fiscally responsible is as much a key to being sustainable as using the right energy solutions. We are experienced with structuring robust investment-grade financial packages and liaising with rating agencies to obtain the best possible rating outcome and run a smooth competitive financing process to secure the best possible credit spread in the USPP bond market, as well as managing operational risk and interest rate risk.
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