Responsible Management

  • Rigorous Performance, Quality, and Safety Standards
  • Strong ESG Focus and Commitment
  • MBE/WBE Contractor Participation

Operational Excellence

  • 99.99% Reliability Record
  • 24/7/365 U.S. Network Operations Center Monitoring
  • Continuous Improvement and Implementation of Best Practices

Sustainable Innovation

  • Investment in and Implementation of Innovative Technologies
  • Accelerate the Transition Away From Fossil Fuels
  • Mitigate Overall Carbon Impact in Order to Meet Customer Sustainability Goals

Commercial & Industrial
Lower the total cost of ownership and capital investments required for a building's energy systems while freeing up valuable space and advancing your sustainability objectives.

Developers & Business Owners
Have peace-of-mind with cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions, and increased value from space-saving opportunities. Benefit from the latest innovative technologies and our commitment to bring new solutions forward to future-proof your operations.

Health Care & Research
Meet the stringent reliability and resiliency requirements for both patient care and medical research. Our 99.99 percent reliability track record and reduced operating costs support better patient care and allow you to spend the money saved on other priorities.

Higher Education & Campuses
CenTrio supports your infrastructure and sustainability needs, academic collaboration and community engagement initiatives, while freeing up financial capital for educational priorities. We also provide long-term development investments and the local economy through our resilient, carbon-reducing energy solutions.

Residential & Multifamily
Generate loyalty from your tenants by providing sustainable energy solutions while optimizing their energy bill and providing more communal, open green space on the rooftop as well as within the building itself.

Hospitality & Entertainment
Provide a fun and comfortable environment for your guests with reliable and cost-effective energy solutions. Optimize every inch of building space for more entertainment opportunities.

Data Centers
Data Centers require continuous cooling and constantly reject heat. When matched with a mixed-use campus setting, there is an opportunity to put the excess heat to work and improve energy efficiency of your data center with a district energy system. The closed-loop recycling of waste heat is cost-effective and improves efficiency, reliability and sustainability.
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